110 g plain flour, a pinch of salt,
2 large eggs,
7 fl oz (200ml) milk substitute (soya milk, rice milk ..),
3 fl oz (75ml) water,
2 tablespoons melted margarine;
margarine for frying pancakes

Sieve the flour and salt into a large mixing bowl. Make a small well in the centre of the flour, and break two eggs into it. Whisk the eggs into the flour with a fork or an electric whisk. Mix the water and milk substitute together and slowly add it into the flour and egg mix as you stir with the fork or whisk. Once you have added all the water and milk, keep mixing everything together until the consistency is like a smooth, thin cream. Add two tablespoons of melted butter substitute to the batter. Melt about 1 teaspoon butter in the frying pan, swirling it around so the pan is lubricated. Get the pan really hot and put one to two tablespoons of mix into it. Move pan around so the mix spreads out thinly. Cook the pancake on both sides. It takes about half a minute to cook a pancake.