Lactose Free and Loving It: Learn to Enjoy Dairy Again !

Titre : Lactose Free and Loving It: Learn to Enjoy Dairy Again !
Authors : Mandy Kocevar, Monika B., Pis, Ph.D., C.P.N.P.
Most lactose-free cookbooks are out of date and full of recipes with terrible tasting non-dairy substitutes. But now, with so many new products available in local grocery stores, we're happy to tell you that dairy is back on your menu. From moist chocolate cake to hearty lasagna, homemade vanilla ice cream to macaroni and cheese--we have it all inside--made with real dairy! And no, you don't have to take a pill before you dig in. So if you're tired of tofu, soy and rice milk, or cheese made from vegetables, then this cookbook is for you! has teamed up with Monika B. Pis, a pediatric nurse-practitioner, and Mandy Kocevar, a lactose intolerance sufferer for over 15 years, to show you how to discover great-tasting lactose-free ingredients and use them to create your own treasury of delicious, dairy-filled meals.

  - Paperback : 216 pages 
- Publisher : CreateSpace (2008) 
- ISBN-10 : 1440406928 
- ISBN-13 : 978-1440406928 
- Price : $ 14,95