About no-lactose.com

The concept of this website “no-lactose.com” came from an idea by Franziska Dubs who herself suffers from lactose intolerance. Thereafter, the project was developed and implemented by Jadsystem to whom we owe a great deal of gratitude. It is only thanks to their competence and support that this web site ever saw the light of day.

The objectives of no-lactose.com :

No-Lactose.com is a non-commercial site which pursues a range of objectives :

- to provide a source of information to those people who are affected by lactose intolerance but also to bring this intolerance which is often not well known and even ignored to the attention of the general public. Despite the fact that this intolerance affects many people, it does not have a high recognition factor amongst people;

- to contribute towards a greater recognition and acknowledgement of this intolerance by health professionals and the manufacturers of food and pharmaceutical products;

- to promote products that are likely to be of interest to those affected by lactose intolerance;

- to progress matters at an administrative and legislative level to give access to lactase products and to make it easier to identify those products that contain lactose (product labeling).

The resources offered by no-lactose.com :

No-lactose.com pursues its objectives by providing a wide range of information regarding lactose intolerance that are updated daily, by offering advice (without however undertaking a medical diagnosis or providing advice which clearly requires consultation of a medical professional who is able to take the specific circumstances into account), and by promoting and supporting the formation of a community of people with similar interests.

How is no-lactose.com funded :

As an independent information web site, no-lactose.com aims to self-finance its operation.

Frequently asked questions :

Could you send me a tin of Lactaid Ultra or an other lactase product ?

No-lacose.com is exclusively an information site and does not sell any products. All products – freely selected by us – are presented for the sole purpose of informing people affected by lactose intolerance about products that may be useful to them. Lactase products are available in pharmacies in certain countries and, depending on the brands, also on the internet. When we provide information about certain sites where products can be purchased, we do this only as a service to our visitors. There is no link or relationship of any kind between any of these sites and no-lactose.com. Consequently, we also decline all responsibility regarding possible orders that may be placed with these sites.